About Stitch Hope
Sewing beautiful products, creating hope, and changing lives.

Stitch Hope is a sewing project that was started as a result of several trips to Africa. While there I fell in love with the beautiful fabrics that African women wear. At the same time I experienced a growing awareness of the plight of thousands upon thousands of young girls in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Because of the economic hardships so many people endure on the African continent desperation often leads to desperate measures in order to provide for
themselves basic life necessities like food, shelter and clothing. Young girls, especially, are vulnerable with far too many finding themselves trapped within sex-trafficking organizations.

The mission of Stitch Hope is to produce enough income in order to establish a place in Liberia, Africa where these girls have another option. They will be taught a skill, and have a way to produce income through Stitch Hope, thus giving them one of the greatest of gifts – Hope.

As God blesses this endeavor the dream includes establishing other Stitch Hope houses within other African nations. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Stitch Hope!